7 Ways to Market Yourself for Advisory Board Roles


Finding the right Advisory Board role takes time and effort. Remember the trick is to find those plum roles where you can add the most value. You need to make a real difference and of course learn some new skills yourself.

If you are an existing company with a client base of businesses that could benefit from Advisory Boards try these 7 marketing ideas to get started:

  1. Start with your existing customers.
  2. Write an outline of your Advisory Board services. Include what you will offer, how much you will charge and what sort of business you want to act as an Advisory Board member for.
  3. Find one or two ‘tame’ clients to test your Advisory Board service on. Get their feedback on what they would find useful, how much they would be prepared to spend, what outcomes they would look for.
  4. Host an event for your clients about Advisory Boards.
  5. Update your website to include your Advisory Board service.
  6. Post on social media about Advisory Boards (share some of our online content) and link to your website.
  7. Include information about your new Advisory Board services in your newsletter.

Bonus Tip

And of course, join our online Advisory Board Register to profile your skills and expertise. Don’t forget to promote this on your social media as well.