Dave Espiner

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Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (previously NZ Institute of Chartered Accountant – member and certificate of Public Practice holder since July 1987.

Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) – member since 2012

The Di Julius Group – certified customer experience agent – member since 2010

Northland Chamber of Commerce

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Dave Espiner

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021 975901

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P.O Box 915, Whangarei 0140


Auckland, Northland

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I have over 30 years experience helping growth oriented SME’s improve their profits, growth, competitive advantage and when the time comes – the sale price of their business.

The key area I concentrate on is helping businesses improve their “intangibles” – those critical business assets you can’t see but have a huge impact on your success, the big 3 being Business Culture, Employee Engagement & Customer Experience.

The 3 main reasons I believe your business would benefit from having me on your Advisory Board are:

1. The critical skill gap we fill at the table – our expertise in the most under rated, overlooked and under represented, yet most critical, areas of any business, of any size, in any industry

2. We are business and intangible improvement specialists – not industry specialists – we don’t come in with blinkers on, with pre conceived ideas of what will or won’t work in your industry or business.

3. Our unique mix of skills & experience. In addition to the “intangible” skills we bring to the table, I also bring 30+ years of chartered accountancy and business / improvement skills – As I understand it, none of our competitors (as good as they are) have this added expertise.

Please read my attached CV for more about the benefits we could bring to your business and Advisory Board.

Consider this – nearly every KPI that you currently measure within your business will be hugely dependant on the areas we cover – Business Culture, Employee Engagement and Customer Experience.

If you analyse them, most of your “external” KPI’s will be customer impacted, and most “internal” ones will be employee impacted.

So please read the attached – it could be a very worthwhile couple of minutes.


Advisory Board Member


Private Company, Start Up Companies

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General management, Human resources, Marketing

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Hospitality/Tourism, Manufacturing, Professional Services/Commercial, Retail

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