David Tillman

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Flagstaff Investments Ltd

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22 years

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Mortgage Freedom NZ Ltd

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7 years

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1990 in a difficult economic climate started a successful property investment company 1999 started a successful mortgage broking business 2002 to 2005 Completed the 3 year “Entrepreneur’s Success Programme” (ESP)2003 Mortgage Link “Broker of Year” 2005 to 2008 Completed a further 3 year Eagles programme with ESP 2012 Published “Hammer That Mortgage”

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Hunter Valley Forest Ltd



Time in this Position

15 years

Company 2

Canterbury Gliding Club

Position 2

Financial controller & Treasurer,

Time in this Position 2

3 years

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Member of Business Mentors NZ Ltd

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027 201 7120

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30 Carmana Gardens, Rangiora 7400



David Tillman

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30 Carmana Gardens, Rangiora 7400



Professional Profile

I owned and operated David Tillman Mortgages Ltd from 1999 to 2010 which was the 2nd or 3rd largest mortgage brokering business in the Canterbury region. After selling the business I wrote a book called “Hammer that Mortgage” which was published in March 2012.

My interests are around property & finance and making businesses go better. Too often I see business owners trapped in the day to day operation, not able to see the bigger picture. Whilst not easy, I spent 12 years making sure that I had a business that could work independently of me and was at all times saleable.

Today I find myself being a “Sounding Board” for business owners, friends and family that are involved in business. This is a role I enjoy as it keeps me stimulated while having the feel good factor of adding value to someone else’s business.

Apart from being able to run a business I believe I have an inherent ability to understand the finances. Too often I find people abdicating responsibility for their finances to their Accountant, if the Accountant says nothing they assume things are going well. Little do they realise that the Accountant is looking at historical information and is not sitting in the business on a daily basis looking forward at the opportunities and threats. This I believe is one of my strengths.

Taking that one step further understanding the finances requires a good working knowledge of all as aspects of a business as everyone them has an impact on the bottom line somewhere.


Advisory Board Chair, Advisory Board Member


Charity, Community Group, Council Controlled Organisations, Govt Sector Organisations, Listed Company, Non Govt Sector Organisations, Private Company, Start Up Companies, Trust

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Compliance and risk, Finance, General management, Governance, Marketing

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Community/Social Assistance, Education/Training, Insurance/Superannuation, Manufacturing, Real Estate/Property

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10 years experience in the Banking industry