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After a lengthy background in the banking sector primarily in lending roles for the SME sector, I have started a business offering independent business banking advice for SME owners.
The lack of expert, independent, accessible and affordable business banking advice continues to place SMEs at a disadvantage to other businesses. Big corporates have more bargaining power but when it comes to dealing with banks, the SME owner really has nowhere to go.
I believe SMEs deserve better banking relationships so my firm exists to stand up for them and reduce the power imbalance between SMEs and their banks.
In my previous role I spent 9 years facilitating business training workshops for ~ 2,500 SME owners each year across a range of 13 topics covering finance, marketing and business planning, risk and people management.
As a consequence I have a very good understanding of the needs, challenges and what most owners are seeking from their businesses and their banking relationship.

John Eaden Consulting Ltd offers services that are registered for NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme.
John Eaden has successfully completed the course requirements for Certified StratPad Coach – Level 1: Business Plan Expert.


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Non Govt Sector Organisations, Private Company, Start Up Companies

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Finance, General management, Marketing, Start Ups, Strategy & Planning

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Education/Training, Professional Services/Commercial

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