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88/305 Evans Bay Parade, Haitaitai, Wellington



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I am a recent ex-Chief Executive, with experience leading a Board to create and roll out an ambitious strategy in response to significant threats of disruption to the status-quo. It was an applied MBA– balancing the setting and roll out with constant monitoring and adjustments to finance, risk, compliance, organisational structure, people and talent, communications, and technology as a strategic enabler. The biggest take home was the role of the board as champions of change in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty.
 I would like to bring this experience to an SME that is planning for or undergoing strategic change and growth. My areas of interest and experience are balancing risk and compliance while progressing strategic priorities, bringing business knowledge and experience to board discussions and decisions, and leadership development, mentoring and succession planning. I am also interested in the future of work and how Boards can take a lead in creating a culture of trust that supports high employee engagement and strong company performance. 


Advisory Board Secretary


Charity, Govt Sector Organisations, Non Govt Sector Organisations, Private Company, Start Up Companies

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Compliance and risk, General management, Governance, Start Ups, Strategy & Planning

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Govt/Public Sector, Health/Medical/Pharmacy, Hospitality/Tourism

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