Unlocking the Value of Advisory Boards for NZ’s Agri Industry

Last week I had the absolute pleasure to present to almost 200 delegates at the Wolters Kluwer Agri Summit in Napier. The delegates represented almost all sectors of the Agri industry across NZ and were mostly professional service providers to the sector.

Opportunity is Knocking

As soon as I arrived, and started listening to the wide range of excellent speakers, it became very clear what a valuable opportunity Advisory Boards offer to the whole sector. The discussions centered around the raft of pressures and challenges facing the NZ Farming and horticultural businesses brought about by:

  • The growing size of Agri businesses.
  • Increasing complexity of these businesses.
  • The large asset base and liabilities that are behind these businesses.
  • The need to run these farms as viable businesses rather than a family lifestyle.
  • The necessity and urgency to address succession planning and transitioning these businesses to younger generations.
  • The desire to not lose control of the family farm.
  • And, as is common with many small and medium sized business, the hesitation to engage in any governance structure.

A Simple Path to Clarity

An Advisory Board is one very simple structure that could help navigate the uncertainty and challenge that NZ Agri sector is experiencing. With a strong network of professional rural advisors, coaches, bankers, accountants, lawyers, educators and other service providers already in pace nationwide, there are already trusted relationships available to help the Agri business owner get their head around an Advisory Board.

Advisory boards have a role to across the whole sector such as:

  • Ensuring the farm is operating as a viable business
  • In support of transitioning the farm to younger generations
  • Helping owners become comfortable and effective in a governance type structure and disciplines
  • Managing the complexity of their business
  • Managing the increasing size and growth of their business
  • Getting solid financial reporting in place
  • Putting a supportive eco system around the farm owners
  • Providing the investors or bankers with the confidence that their funds are being well used
  • Simplifying the complexities around compliance
  • Managing the ever-changing environmental demands
  • Meeting the various health and safety requirements

A Welcoming Community

Thanks to Wolters Kluwer for inviting us to be part of your excellent event. We look forward to engaging with the delegates who have been in touch with us. We found that many are interested in the support we provide, to help their clients unlock the potential of an advisory board in their agricultural businesses.

If you are passionate about NZ’s rural businesses and would like to discuss how Advisory Boards can play a role, please get in touch. You can email us or phone us on 04 528 6218.

Bonus Tip

And of course, join our online Advisory Board Register to profile your skills and expertise. Don’t forget to promote this on your social media as well.