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For 30 plus years I’ve been learning how to reconcile the Entrepreneur and the Business owner in me, and I think I may have learnt some stuff on the way. It’s this broad experience (some of it costly) that drives me to work with other Business owners and Entrepreneurs, helping them be the most effective in their chosen industry. Each business has taught me many different things, while honing numerous skill sets. The variety of Businesses I have owned include an Engineering Company – a Sales & Marketing Business in the Marine Industry – a Sales & Service Business within the Marine Industry – a Manufacturing Company in the Marine Industry – Importation of American products (doing currently) – a Comprehensive Financial Planning Partnership (While living in California 07 – 010) – Operational Management (Part time) for a Fertiliser Company and Business Mentoring/Advising (both doing currently). I believe that this cross section of ‘hands on’ experience with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration added to the mix, has enabled me to see the ‘woods AND the trees’ very clearly, arming you the Business owner/Risk taker with a relevant edge and relevant keys to grow the profit within your businesses.

Advisory Roles:
Advisory Board Chair, Advisory Board Member

Interested in:
Charity/Community, Private Company

Key Skils:
General Management, Governance, Sales/Marketing

Manufacturing,Logistics,Venture Capital/Private Equity



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