Doug Maarschalk Founder & Director

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Company: Sunergeo

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I have experience in training, facilitating and coaching organisation leaders to provide practical ways to create a culture of high performance and engagement. This has been in the context of complex, fast changing companies that have a requirement to innovate. I am the Founder and Director of Sunergeo. My expertise lie in practical applications of intrinsic motivation, moving away from a carrot and stick approach to motivation and working to greater levels of purpose, mastery and autonomy instead. I’ve worked with New Zealand businesses in the horticulture, legal, accounting, financial services, real estate and healthcare sectors. My background in operations and sales in the financial services sector has given me a well-rounded experience of the commercial objectives of business and how to galvanise people to achieve those objectives. In running my own business, I have empathy for those doing the same. While organisational outcomes are important, I also care deeply about the impact my work has on the individual and how it can improve all areas of their life, ultimately having a positive impact on society. I’ll bring all this experience and attitude to my position on an advisory board.

Advisory Roles:
Advisory Board Member

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Government Sector Organisation,Private Company,Start-ups

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General Management,Human Resources,Strategy & Planning

Education/Training,Health/Medical/Pharmacy,Primary Industry,Professional Services/Commercial