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Advisory Boards NZ is the “Go To” place for business owners looking to set up an Advisory Board for their company, and for professionals looking to offer their services as Advisory Board Members.

We provide business advisers and business owners with a range of practical and proven services to help them discover how Advisory Boards could support them in their business development journey.

Every year, throughout New Zealand, many businesses are failing to seize their opportunities, many close down and many owners feel isolated and unsupported in the development of their business. We believe that through the use of Advisory Boards we can help address many of the issues facing our business owners and can help them achieve their potential.

Advisory Boards NZ recognises that for many SMEs true governance in the form of a Board of Directors is a step too far or too soon. For many an Advisory Board provides an easier, more flexible option for them, with them keeping control of the business but delivering many of the benefits of good governance. For some owners an Advisory Board could be an initial step subsequently leading to a full board of directors, and for others it would be used instead of a board of directors. Either way their business and the owners themselves would benefit from some of the principles of governance in whichever form they chose.

Advisory Boards NZ is about providing as much or as little support that each business and Advisor needs. We provide a range of services from workshops, personal coaching and match making services.

We operate NZ’s only Online Register of Advisory Board Members, providing free access for business owners to meet potential Advisory Boards Members. We have designed our business to be as low touch and online as you require with as much personal support as you need.

Advisory Boards NZ is based in the Hutt Valley and has strong relationships with various partners throughout NZ enabling us to deliver services nationally.

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