About Advisory Boards NZ

Advisory Boards NZ is the one place for both Business Owners and Advisors to harness the power of Advisory Boards

Helen Down, Managing Director, BCA, FCIM, Chartered Marketer

Advisory Boards is privately owned by Helen Down, Managing Director and Founder of Advisory Boards New Zealand, since 2014.

Advisory Boards NZ is the world’s only company solely dedicated to Advisory Boards. Our aim is to be “the go to place” for all things Advisory Boards as we believe they can be of tremendous value to New Zealand businesses, the economy and New Zealand Inc.

For many privately owned businesses, true governance in the form of a Board of Directors is a step too far or too soon.

An Advisory Board can provide an easier, more flexible option. It allows the business owner to keep control of the business while still delivering many of the benefits of good governance.

For some Business Owners, an Advisory Board is the initial step towards a full Board of Directors, and for others it is used instead of a Board of Directors.

Either way, businesses and Business Owners benefit from the principles of governance. We have a whole community of Advisors and Business Owners nationwide who are passionate about their experience with this form of governance.

Every year, many businesses fail to seize opportunities, many close down and many Business Owners feel isolated and unsupported.

An Advisory Board can address many of the issues facing our Business Owners and help them achieve their full potential. This is why we provide Advisors and Business Owners with a range of services to support them in their business development journey.

We provide resources coaching, training and events throughout the country.

Advisory Boards NZ is based in Wellington’s Hutt Valley and has strong relationships with various partners throughout NZ enabling us to deliver services nationally.

Advisory Boards operates with an extended network of specialists and industry experts based throughout New Zealand. This allows us to offer our training at a local level and with regional understanding of each individual business.