We have been assisting New Zealand businesses to harness the power of Advisory Boards for years

We know that each and every Advisory Board journey is unique in its own way.

We have documented real life Advisory Board cases, across a range of industries to inspire you in your journey. We cover a huge variety of topics, from businesses seeking or managing growth, to transition, to starting your own journey to governance, and more. We cater to both business owners and Advisors so keep checking back here regularly for new stories.

To understand how Advisory Boards can help your business, we would encourage you to read the case studies below.

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Stories of real life Advisory Boards here and abroad

Preparing for the Future with Strong Systems

This sheep farm business in the Waikato was being handed over to the next generation. The family wanted ensure to the ongoing success of the business handover to their son.

Succession Planning for Large Diversified Farms

This family owned farming operation included dairying, cropping and investments. This complex operation needed handover assistance to the younger generation.

The New York Analyst and Farm Station

Anders moved his family here from New York more than 15 years ago to a farm in the Wairarapa. He saw the value of Advisory Boards and immediately appointed a team of farm advisors.

Construction Business Doubles in Size

This Wellington business needed a structured approach to changing hands. Since establishing its first Advisory Board, the business has experienced continued sustainable growth.

From Structural Steel to Structured Advisory

This company was growing rapidly which poses its own challenges. An Advisory Board assisted the business to manage its swift growth in a scalable and sustainable way.

Preparing for Transition

This Business Owner wanted help to transition himself out of the business. An Advisory Board assisted the process of staff buying into the business as shareholders and understanding their new roles.

Advisory Board Increases Sales Value

The owner of this business credited her Advisory Board with doubling the value of her business. As her Advisory Board grew, so did her business. New members with the relevant skills and expertise joined her board at each stage.