Preparing for the Future with Strong Systems

For this Waikato based sheep and beef farmer, handing the business over to their son was all the motivation needed to set up their Advisory Board.

To ensure a smooth handover, the family needed strong internal systems with a management plan to see them through the years ahead.

Choosing the Right Advisor

To find an Advisor, the position was advertised through professional channels where candidates submitted a proposal showcasing their strengths. Using this process, the family selected their Advisor, John Hall as they were impressed by his application and already knew him. This winning combination of a professional process and using their personal network meant working with someone they could fully trust.

Their Advisor brought:

  • Years of farming management experience
  • A knowledge of Sheep and Cattle farming
  • Expertise in financial planning

Advisory Board meetings began face to face on a quarterly basis. Working together, they began establishing a successful farm management system. Once the groundwork was complete, the Advisory Board progressed to bi-monthly meetings.

After two years this Advisory Board has helped the farm develop: 

  • A robust structure and decision making processes
  • Clear communications and plans for dealing with the future
  • The monitoring of processes and the setup of a framework to grow from.

John Hall, Farm Advisor from Ag First says,

“…it has been a pleasure being part of this farm’s development. The key to our success has been excellent communications and trust that has gone both ways. The operation is now well set up and with its systems in place. It is much easier for the original owners to step aside and let their son take on new challenges. The farm’s new generation is now finding exciting new opportunities that show great promise.”

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