All About Advisory Boards Workshop Wellington

Many business owners are choosing Advisory Boards to help them to manage risk, expand their networks and start their governance journey.

Now it’s your turn to discover how this fresh approach to growing and managing your business brings the value of hindsight from experts and gives you a 360° view of your company.

Many businesses can benefit from an Advisory Board

An Advisory Board uses many of the structures and disciplines of a governance board but it comes with much more flexibility. It is this flexibility along with retention of control and decision making that makes Advisory Boards very attractive to business owners.


Part One of this Workshop we’ll take you through establishing your needs and objectives for setting up an Advisory Board, getting a handle on the practicalities of setting up an Advisory Board and building a skill profile for your members.

In Part Two we’ll be discussing what it means to be an Advisory Board member, how this differs from being a director on a formal board, determining what you bring to the Advisory Board table, what business owners are looking for and how to select the boards where you will add the most value.



In this full day workshop, you will learn:

  • How to establish your needs and objectives while getting a handle on the practicalities of setting up an Advisory Board.
  • How to build a skill profile for your members.
  • What it means to be an Advisory Board member
  • The difference between a board of directors and an Advisory Board.
  • Work through 9 Steps for How to Set up Your Advisory Board including checklists and guides. Plus, templates to take away and use.
  • Use a 90 Day Action Plan template to help get your new Advisory Board underway.
  • Hear from people already engaged in an Advisory Board.

You’ll walk away with practical ideas to apply in your business right now!

For more information, see All about Advisory Boards Wellington

Presented by Helen Down of Advisory Boards NZ



Helen Down

This interactive workshop is presented by Helen Down of Advisory Boards NZ Ltd with a special guest speaker (TBA).

All for just $595 + GST, and is registered for the NZTE Capability Voucher Scheme. So if you qualify, you can get up to 50% this workshop.                       

Tea and coffee on arrival and a light lunch is provided.


Get the finer details:

Date: 2018 dates coming soon
Location: Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce,

15 Daly Street, Lower Hutt

Time: 09:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Registrations Close: 

Get in quick as each workshop is limited to just 15-20 business owners.

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