We are an NZTE Approved Service Provider

For many years, our services have been approved within the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme. This means Business Owners could be eligible to receive funding for up to 50% off our coaching, workshops, and webinars. Learn more.

Current Training and Events

We deliver workshops and training events up and down the country. Our training sessions provide a unique and excellent opportunity for Business Owners and Advisors to meet and work together.

This creates an interactive, engaging and inspirational session.

We offer a range of training sessions to suit all needs and levels of knowledge/experience.

All About Advisory Boards

This full day workshop covers ‘Introduction to Advisory Boards’ and ‘Being an Effective Advisory Board Member’.

A special guest is invited to each workshop to share their wide and varied experiences in working with Advisory Boards and a break for lunch is the perfect opportunity for Business Owners and Advisors to start connecting with one another.

In this full-day workshop, you will learn:

  • How to establish your needs and objectives while getting a handle on the practicalities of setting up an Advisory Board.
  • How to build a skill profile for your members.
  • What it means to be an Advisory Board member
  • The difference between a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board.
  • Many useful templates to help set up your Advisory Board.
You’ll walk away with practical ideas to apply in your business right away.

Introduction to Advisory Boards

Intro to Advisory Boards

Find out if an Advisory Board is right for you.

Work towards determining your Advisory Board’s objectives and choosing the right board members.

Meet like-minded Business Owners and learn from current Advisory Board members’ experiences.

This workshop is designed and developed for Business Owners.

Introduction to Being an Effective Advisory Board Member

Intro to being an Advisory Board member

This is a workshop for all Advisors who are keen to share their experiences.

An Advisory Board member is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience.

Learn how to become an effective Advisor and uncover your potential.

This is a powerful workshop for business mentors, coaches, consultants and other professionals.


These sessions are a shorter version of a workshop for Business Owners and professional services.

You will be given a brief overview of Advisory Boards and the processes. From here you can make an informed decision on taking the next step forward. Speak to us if you would like to organise a clinic session for your business.


We also provide webinars which are the perfect way to connect with our experts from the comfort of your own home or office.

If you cannot make one of our regular workshops, keep an eye out for our webinar options in conjunction with Wolters Kluwer NZ.

Webinars are a good option for those who find it too difficult to attend a workshop in person.

Introduction to Advisory Boards

An effective Advisory Board can be a crucial success factor for New Zealand’s businesses, both large and small, and are an increasingly popular method of governance for kiwi business owners. Yet most business people do not understand the value an Advisory Board offers, how they work, how they differ from a Board of Directors, what business owners are looking for and what it takes to be an Advisory Board member.

Dates for the live webinar in 2024 are still to be  confirmed. However you can listen to this webinar on demand for $195.00 + GST

This workshop is designed and developed for business owners, Chief Executives, General Managers and professionals looking to get establish a new Advisory Board or improve an existing one.

Introduction to Being an Advisory Board Member

Being an Advisory Board Member is a very rewarding and satisfying experience that your business clients will value. Learn how it could work for you, your professional services business and your business clients.

Advisory Boards are an increasingly popular method of governance for Kiwi Business Owners.

Dates for the live webinar in 2024 are still to be confirmed. However you can listen to this webinar on demand for $195.00 +GST

How to Set up an Advisory Board for Success

Setting up an Advisory Board intentionally from the start is one of the most crucial factors in making sure an Advisory Board works. As an advisor you need a simple, proven process to get your Advisory Boards started and performing well.

This 9 step process has been used successfully to help set up over 100 Advisory Boards as well as improve the performance of many existing Advisory Boards.

If you are a professional supporting your clients to establish an Advisory Board or a business owner wanting to set up your Advisory Board this webinar will be very useful.


Dates for the live webinar in 2024 are still to be confirmed. However you can listen to this webinar on demand for $195.00+ GST

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Other Opportunities

Meet Ups

Our Meet Ups are for anyone in business who wants to find out more about the power of Advisory Boards. They are attended by a mixture of Business Owners, Advisors and people interested in serving on an Advisory Board. If you are interested in a structured and successful way to give your clients a competitive edge, and give your own business a real point of difference, join us at our next meetup.

Event Speaker and Workshops

As the only entity dedicated to Advisory Boards in New Zealand, we are often invited to present at leadership events, conferences, industry events and more. Speak to us if you would like an expert on all things Advisory Boards at your next event.